COVID-19 Update

These are times of uncertainty, fear, frustration, and confusion. As the world continues to battle against the novel coronavirus, each of us is faced with new challenges, but also opportunities.

MayaTech has cancelled all in-person activities and is actively developing the most appropriate virtual solutions that still meet overarching project needs while keeping all participants safe. Our corporate systems are fully operational, allowing us to continue all workstreams, with zero interruption.

We recognize that for many, the current pandemic requires a substantial shift in strategies and practices in terms of conducting research, caring for patients and clients, securing funding, establishing partnerships, and a host of other activities. We can help.

Our team is standing by to offer standalone or a suite of services to help your organization not only to survive the current climate, but to thrive once we are all on the other side of it. More so than ever before, MayaTech is honored to be one part of the large global public health community, creating solutions and fighting for the health of us all.