Current Projects

  • MayaTech continues its long legacy of supporting the CDC Office on Smoking and Health in its monitoring and continuing assessment of tobacco-control policy, particularly at the level of state legislatures. MayaTech’s role is to populate and validate the State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) system, a key data source for HP2020 objective, as well as other public health initiatives.
  • MayaTech is under contract to support the CDC Office of Pandemic Flu to monitor school closings or dismissals, both retrospectively (2017-2018 school year), and in real-time over a 5-year period, to inform influenza pandemic planning efforts.
  • MayaTech is also supporting CDC by evaluating the 2017 Community Mitigation Guideline Recommendations to Prevent Pandemic Influenza.
  • MayaTech has been awarded a contract from HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) to develop, implement, and report on a plan to validate the “Healthy and Ready to Learn” components of the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH). MayaTech has partnered with Child Trends on this effort.
  • MayaTech is continuing work on a 4-year contract under the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) to support translation and dissemination projects related to Special Projects of National Significant (SPNS) initiatives, as well as other emerging issues in HIV care and treatment.
  • MayaTech is also supporting HRSA/HAB to evaluate the SPNS program by assessing outcomes and impact, as well as developing an approach to prospectively assess program impact.
  • MayaTech is currently under contract to support OMH to deliver viral hepatitis training and capacity building to provider sites across the country to improve service provision in areas of high need.
  • MayaTech is supporting the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) in driving regional engagement and implementation of the National Adult Immunization Plan. During the first contract year, MayaTech provided strategic and logistical support for in-person stakeholder meetings in 6 of the 10 HHS regions. Currently, MayaTech is supporting similar meetings in the remaining 4 regions.
  • In one of two current projects focused on HPV, MayaTech is supporting NVPO to conduct a needs assessment in rural communities across the US, focusing on identifying barriers and opportunities to improve HPV vaccination coverage.
  • MayaTech is supporting OPA’s Title X Family Planning Program to support grantee meetings, expert panels, and technical assistance provision. MayaTech has partnered with the Capital Consulting Corporation on this contract.
  • MayaTech is supporting SAMHSA’s Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) in addressing behavioral health workforce challenges through grantee partnerships. Through the MFP Coordinating Center, MayaTech is providing TA, training, and consultation to MFP grantees/fellow, supporting resource development, and fostering a cross-disciplinary learning community.
  • MayaTech was awarded a contract to support OWH in researching, planning, implementing, and evaluating a public health campaign focused on increasing young adult HPV vaccination rates in in 3 states – Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. MayaTech is working in partnership with Hager Sharp.

Contract Vehicles

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