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Our Centers

The MayaTech Corporation is a small business consulting and technical services firm with a focus on supporting the improvement of public health delivery systems to local, national, and international populations in high need.


MayaTech's Center for Community Prevention and Treatment Research (CPTR) conducts and supports in-depth research, evaluation, and policy analysis of public health issues, health services, and research programs. CPTR works with clients and partner stakeholders to develop comprehensive approaches to assessing outcomes and impact of efforts and interventions.

Services offered by CPTR include:

  • Multi-level (program, institutional, community, and systems-level) analysis
  • Evaluation planning and implementation
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Logic model development
  • Gap analysis

MayaTech's Center for Health Policy and Legislative Analysis (HPLA) conducts research, evaluation, analysis, and reporting on health care law, policy, and service issues. HPLA’s work aims to analyze the relationship between health policy and health-related outcomes by providing objective, reliable, and in-depth analyses and evaluations of public health policies and related strategies. In addition to conducing traditional analyses, HPLA has demonstrated experience in longitudinal tracking and research efforts to assess policy impact over time.

Services offered by HPLA include:

  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Report/Prospectus Preparation
  • Program, Policy, and Systems-Level Evaluation
  • Process, Outcome and Impact Evaluation
  • Data Collection, Management and Analysis
  • Policy Assessment and Legislative Analysis
  • Behavioral Science, Social Science and Biomedical Research

MayaTech's Center for Technical Assistance, Training, and Research Support (TARS) plans and implements large- and small-scale technical assistance and training programs to enhance public health efforts. TARS provides responsive, culturally-appropriate, subject-specific tools and services to public and private organizations, including Federal, state and local agencies and community-based organizations. TARS’ work emphasizes both human interventions and the application of technology to resolve problems and improve systems.

Technical Assistance and Training areas offered by TARS include:

  • Collaboration and partnership development
  • Fiscal/budgetary guidance
  • Leadership development
  • Media campaign and social marketing guidance
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Program design, implementation and evaluation
  • Readiness assessment
  • Tracking/monitoring database and tool development
  • Evidence-based practices/interventions/programs
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Strategic planning
  • Sustainability

CPHE focuses on advancing public health policy, programming and research through strategic identification and engagement of stakeholders, and by tailoring messages and communications to targeted audiences, at the right time.

Services offered by CPHE include:

  • Consultation and training on strategies that ensure optimal coalescing of interests, resources, and vision
  • Public health campaign development
  • Research publications and presentations
  • Social media outreach

MayaTech’s HHS Grantee Support Center (GSC) provides tools and services to organizations seeking to sustain, grow, or enhance their capacity to provide quality services to their clients and meet their grant, cooperative agreement, or contractual requirements.

The HHS GSC can help your organization:

  • Navigate the HHS funding landscape
  • Ensure a culturally competent workforce
  • Plan, develop, and execute small- and large-scale evaluation
  • Leverage organization assets to achieve your programmatic and funding goals
  • Remain engaged with emerging research and policy developments
  • Operationalize policy information for use in applied research and evaluation studies
  • Build the capacity of your board of directors, executive leadership, paid volunteer staff, fiscal managers, evaluators, project directors and staff
  • Develop a sustainability plan
  • Develop, host, and maintain your organizational Intranets, websites, social media accounts, and data collection tools
  • Design and produce user manuals and technical documentation

HHS GSC Services:

MayaTech's Health Information and Communications Division (HICD) provides services on most projects, including work in three main areas:

  • Information Systems Technology Applications – We utilize new and emerging technologies in database management design and development, software application development, systems design and maintenance, provide 508 compliance remediation as well as training and support.
  • Conference, Logistics, and Administrative Services – We have over 20 years of service to government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private-sector clients in producing large, week-long symposia, web conferences, international training workshops, national award ceremonies and recognition events, Federal peer review panel meetings, technical assistance and training conferences for Federal grantees and community-based organizations, focus groups, and expert panels and workgroups.
  • Communications and Marketing – We deliver strategic communications planning and execution in order to optimize messaging to target audiences. This work involves engagement of diverse stakeholders and incorporation of cutting edge marketing and communications tools.

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