The MayaTech Corporation Celebrates 37 Years

Media Contact:
Ashlei Stevens


MayaTech Advances Public Health Initiatives for 37 Years and Counting


Silver Spring, MD (April 8, 2022) - The MayaTech Corporation this week celebrates 37 years as a leading public health research consulting firm, advancing vital public health initiatives while shining a light on addressing health disparities for minority and underserved communities. From our work in the early days of HIV/AIDS research, to decades of exploring substance misuse and addiction; to continuing support of national vaccination interventions and public engagement campaigns; to today’s work of examining the impacts of COVID-19 on the mental health of Black Americans, MayaTech continues to chart paths forward in advancing research, training, evaluation and information sharing on global challenges in public health.

Dr. Jean-Marie Mayas, MayaTech Chief Executive Officer and Founder, said: The MayaTech Corporation remains at the forefront of tackling emerging public health challenges, as well as continuing work on existing initiatives, as a leader in partnering with federal agencies, national foundations and academic institutions to advance true and sustainable public health across the globe.

Happy 37th Anniversary to our staff, clients, and colleagues who have inspired and supported our work along the way!”


About MayaTech: Since 1985, The MayaTech Corporation has focused on tackling existing and emerging public health challenges through direct engagement with agencies, governments, communities, and individuals. We provide a suite of research, training, evaluation, capacity-building, and other strategic support services aimed at reaching and impacting vulnerable populations, amplifying best practices, and innovating the practice of public health. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.